If you are one of those people who: forget school supplies, homework, big projects, here are some life hacks for you! I can assure you that you are not the only one.


If you do not want to spend money on a diary that you are not going to use, make a calendar. You will need a board (whichever size you want), some sticky notes, and a pen! The first thing you shall do is to stick a posted note for each day of the week. After, you shall write on each sticky note the date of the day. Finally, you go look on Managebac, and you see how many big projects you have to do, you write them down and that is it!


If you always forget emergency items, make a kit! You will need an old makeup bag, tissues, lip balm and baby wipes. The first thing you shall do is fill the old makeup bag with all the necessary. Finally, you close the bag, put your name and surname on it, and put it in your backpack the night before a school day!


If you need to change shoes before Physical Education, it might happen that they smell. Therefore, a great life hack is to put tea bags inside shoes! It might sound weird but it works!


If you have an oral test, and you have difficulties remembering different topics, here is what you could do. The first thing you shall do is buy maximum of five different coloured highlighters. When you are studying, make a Mind Map with each topic highlighted in different colours. This method really helped me through History, because when the teacher called me I remembered the colour of the topic and explained it very well!


If you have any kind of test, and you do not know how to study, here is a tip for you! You will need some flashcards and a pen! The simplest method is to write some key phrases on the flashcards to explain a topic. The key phrases help you understand the topic; they do not explain in eight words the entire topic. You have to explain it in your own words. Another tip, to study quicker at night is to go over them and then go to sleep. You could even check them in the morning too!


If you are a person who does not really like studying nor school, here is a life hack for you! You will need coloured pencils, coloured markers, small envelope, coloured tape, coloured flashcards, and coloured highlighters. The first thing you shall do is put coloured tape all over the edges of your notebook to make it more colourful. After you shall stick with glue the envelope inside the Front Page of your notebook. Then you shall put your coloured flashcards inside, you may use them to study a topic. You shall even put your coloured highlighters inside to study your Mind Maps. Finally, with coloured pencils and markers, you draw a beautiful design on the first page of the notebook, where it asks you your name, surname and other things. This method motivates you to study!


If you are a person (like me) that is always hungry, and forgets about homework because you eat instead of studying here is a tip for you! It is very hard to concentrate on one topic for one hour, the thing you may want to do is take a ten-minute break every forty-five minutes. You can reward yourself with anything for example: have your phone back because you know you get distracted so you put it in another place, eat, watch TV, play with your dog, whatever you want. This way you will take a long time to study, but you wasted your time in an intelligent way!

Bianca Zaccaria, MYP1 red