Genova del futuro!

“Per una Genova più moderna…”

di Mario&Edo


It was during the meeting of the DISnews about blogs that I had the idea to create one with my friend Edo, about urban projects for Genova; in fact the blog is called “Genovadelfuturo” and we are “Edo&Mario”. In reality my friend had already developed various ideas for Genova but he didn’t try to spread them, to make them known at least in Genova. I love design, graphic design and photography. Together, our ideas and skills make this blog possible. And for me it helped me to improve my skills. Our pictures are published on Instagram and our videos on YouTube, go to have a look! Genova is a beautiful city but also one of the strangest cities of the world: because of its structure, because of the large medieval town and because it is more or less everywhere built against the hill. And that’s why it is a big challenge to build something new, modern.

We will try to improve the city or at least make what is possible, to achieve this we would like to meet and ask an advice to professional architects and urbanists. We didn’t write all projects yet and those that we wrote aren’t the most important. But the others are coming soon!. Every project should play an important role in the city like the “Ovovia” (cable cars) or from cleaning the city, to help traffic issues, we want to make it always better.

If you want to visit us you can go to this link: We have a lot of projects, if you have some projects for Genova in the future you can write us with this e-mail: We are also on Instagram and Facebook, search us as “Genovadelfuturo”. We wait for you to visit us very soon!

Mario Drvota De Barbieri, MYP3