Service Activity MYP1X

Elena Russo Delmonte-Service 6thX

I enjoyed swimming for Nuotathon. I think it was a fun way to earn money for more than one purpose, while doing some exercise with friends; and I had lots of fun. At first we had to collect money before the day we went to swim, and then, if the amount of money was enough we could swim at Camogli. I managed to swim 36 laps, all different strokes and I’m very proud I did a Service project. I learned that I can help to do solve a major problem only by doing something small: we had to swim only as many laps as we wanted to while being with our friends. I think it was a good idea because we were competitive to swim more laps among ourselves and were more driven by the idea. Afterwards we received 2 merits to only because we participated to the Nuotathon! I feel if we could do this more often I would be glad to do it because it is fun to help in this way!



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